Vita: Education: 2012–2015 Master of Fine Arts, ZHDK | 2004–2007 Master of Scenography, ZHDK | 1993–1997 Bachelor of Fine Arts at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem | 1986–1990 Graphic Design, Moscow College of Art and Design | Solo Exhibitions: 2016 »Nächste Halt Toni« in Art Konteiner and Migrationsmuseum | 2015 »West« at Zeichen Galerie Grenacher, Zurich | 2015 »Afterparty« book exhibition with Amsel Verlag Tony areal, Zurich | 2013 »Cosmic Poetry« at One Night Only Gallery, ZHDK, Zurich | 2013 The Video Trilogie »Beauty«, »Fear« and »Happiness«, curated by Esther Eppstein, Message salon, Zürich | 2001 »Nose«, curated by Tal Ben Zvi, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Tel Aviv | Several Group Exhibitions in Israel, Suisse, Austria, Japan, Russia, South Corea, Germany, Netherland since 2013

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